.AnyPO: The Purchase Order System


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Anypo.Anypoint System

안녕하세영! 에니포입니다~ Welcome to the talk room! Chat. Numerous of enterprises utilize Anypoint system. for connecting their apps, data, and products. Welcome to AnyPO’s assistance documentation. Discover information about this program, select from the “Table of Contents” or perhaps the “Index” tabs discovered into the remaining. This assistance paperwork can be readily available as a PDF handbook and that can be printed. The content is exactly just like what exactly is discovered right here, except that it is already been organized in manual kind.

AnyPO: Purchase Order Computer Software

AnyPO: Purchase Order System – A Comprehensive System for Creating Purchase purchases and Requisitions

AnyPO is yet another carefully crafted computer software from :. Innovation, quality and Service. In addition to the chart, you will discover a narrative explaining the program here: AnyPO Details. Level I. Degree II. Automatic PO numbering – capacity to set very own starting number or re-number at any point. Capability to soon add up to a six letter prefix or suffix into the PO quantity. Abilty to generate your alternative PO number on selected PO’s.

Extra numbering choices : add or subtract from inner number, restart numbering at beginning of the year. Even more numbering options : capability to add dates and times to PO quantity. Automatic PO date insertion day can also be modified if required. Automated paid information insertion when PO is marked compensated. Ability to create a requisition. PO information is transformed into a requisition whenever publishing. More advanced requisition processing through a department and head office setup.

Multi-shipping address help. Select addesses via a pop-up listing. Degree III system has a special add-on offered independently allowing more than one company address. Manages fall shipments by checking the “Drop Shipment” package. All pop-up lists can be accessed by one of three techniques: pressing a button, double-clicking, or via keyboard.

Unique backup: Copy the complete address name, target, town, etc. Special backup: Copy the whole target in a tab divided format to drop into a spreadsheet program. Entire PO can be copied to your clipboard and pasted into a word handling or e-mail message. Field flexibility: can transform Job area to Account Codes. Account Codes selected from Pop-up Listing. Three User Defined areas to be used for your own purposes.

Ability to re-name areas for your own utilizes. Program automatically pastes your shipping target into the “Ship-to” part – is altered if desired. Capability to indicate whether PO’s are available nevertheless incomplete or closed completed.

Capacity to lock PO’s to avoid accidental modifications. Automatically lock PO if it is closed. PO Coding: PO’s can be coded for unique tracking purposes. A third method of entering components of PO: Look-up directory of previous things purchased. Look-up selection of past items are narrowed right down to certain key words, can be sorted by cost, etc.

Stock is registered right or selected from a pop-up listing. System immediately calculates total cost quantity x cost as items tend to be entered. Item region spreadsheet are expanded that allows one to discount various items separately.

Item Area speadsheet columns is modified in size. Inventory might be independently discounted or the entire selection of products ordered could be discounted. You can also suggest a buck level of discount as opposed to a percentage discount. Calculate Discount : power to work backwards. Product sales income tax is put into the quantity by clicking on “Taxable”. You’ll adjust the taxation prices entirely on the PO type. For partial nonexempt product sales: items are selectly taken off becoming taxed.

Capability to make use of Canadian and European income tax structures. Any one PO may have as much as five taxes included. Variable fees and taxation codes to be used with vendors from various locations or tax areas. Double-click on the income tax for an in depth breakdown as to how the tax was determined. Capability to include a brief income tax note combined with the taxation: calculation percentages or tax ID figures.

Shipping strategy : you are able to suggest your selected shipping strategy. If desired, system will immediately calculate the full total weight of an order. Email Field: exterior email program is activated with vendor target in position by clicking e-mail option. Internal E-mail System. With the Internal Email program, you’ll deliver an approval request to a person with approval authority. An ” Approver’s Tools ” feature is included so individuals can track PO’s they’ve approved.

Administrator functions: capability of creating a course administrator. Enhanced Administrative works: extra capacity for starting departmental directors. Capacity for setting-up users on each workstation with or with-out log-in required. Five different individual accessibility amounts with variants are available.

Phone Field: your personal computer instantly dials the consumer’s contact number by pressing the telephone option. Paid Checkbox: Enables you to immediately see whether you’ve compensated the PO.

Advanced PO search : research anything: PO figures, item brands, dates, amounts, etc. Electronic Approval System: determine which and exactly how numerous can approve PO’s. Electronic Approval System : educational dialog box on who has authorized PO’s. Electronic Approval: capability to revoke approvals. Can combine digital system with trademark system. Electric Approval are configured to approve PO’s predicated on endorsement level.

As much as 5 levels readily available. Capability to configure the program for divisions which deliver requisitions to a head company for handling. Notes Area: Write notes to your self concerning the PO the notes are just seen by you. Notes region: Write records for your vendor to show up in the printed PO. Power to copy selected information from a classic PO to a newly created PO. Get a hold of PO’s from a look-up number. Ability to convert quantities in the PO to different currencies.

Power to track things that the supplier features back-ordered. Power to a create a list of all of the products bought from a supplier. Ability to count PO’s based on the criteria you enter dozens of options avaiable. Inventory Ordering Database : could be protect for goods that tend to be regularly bought.

Inventory Ordering Database: Add four extra lines of descriptive information to items into the database. Inventory Ordering Database: Has search and look-up features for finding documents. Inventory Ordering Database: Features a notes area to create records to yourself about the product. Stock Ordering Database: are moved into Excel or a spreadsheet system for viewing or publishing. Stock Ordering Database: option of user defined fields. Vendor Database: could be preserved for vendors from which you regularly order.

Vendor Database: Features contact manager which allows you keep track of personnel using the seller. Vendor Database: various ship-to places is related to various vendors. Vendor Database: telephone numbers automatically dialed – mail details placed within your e-mail system.

Vendor Database: are moved into succeed or a spreadsheet for viewing or publishing. Vender Database: Availability of user defined fields. Mailing List: capacity to create a mailing directory of any vendor to which you’ve sent a PO.

Printing PO’s: May be inserted in a consistent single window envelope or a double windowed envelope. Printing PO’s: United Kingdom formatting for post codes. Printing PO’s: Two extra outlines of information might be included with PO’s for marketing or any other purposes.

Printing PO’s: accessibility to a second printer engine for problem printers. Capability to create a PDF document for previewing, printing and e-mail purposes. Backed-up files are restored.