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Breevy is a text expander and AutoText program for Windows that helps you type faster and more precisely by permitting one to abbreviate lengthy phrases and words — saving you money and time. Merely determine an abbreviation for an extended piece of text, like eml for [email protected]/5(1). Feb 15,  · Software Review: Breevy Auto Text Replacer and More! February 15, I dislike lost energy. And because I invest the majority of my days (and evenings) on a pc, typing exactly the same thing again and again is lost effort. Dec 19,  · Breevy is a text expander and AutoText text replacement program that will help you type faster and more precisely by allowing one to abbreviate long phrases and words – Subcategory: Text Editing Software.


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Breevy is a text expander and AutoText program for Windows that helps you type faster and more accurately by allowing you to abbreviate long words and phrases — helping you save time and money. Simply define an abbreviation for an extended bit of text, like eml for [email protected]/5(1). Feb 15,  · Software Review: Breevy Auto Text Replacer and More! February 15, I dislike wasted work. And since I invest almost all of my times (and nights) on a computer, typing exactly the same thing repeatedly is wasted effort. Dec 19,  · Breevy is a text expander and AutoText text replacement system that will help you type faster and more accurately by permitting you to abbreviate lengthy words and phrases – Subcategory: Text Editing computer software.
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By way of example, when you are typing you will come across some big terms, phrases, phrases, particular email responses, signatures, etc. In these situations, a text expander will allow you to quickly fill out instead of you typing in the material manually every time.

If you are wondering, a text expander is a straightforward application that lets you type a reduced character sequence rather than the particular terms, phrases, and sentences. These character sequences are going to be instantly expanded in real time into complete terms, expressions, and on occasion even entire phrases dependent on your configuration.

House windows features different text expander applications. Nonetheless, check out of the greatest text expander applications for your Windows system.

The software is excellent to separate your lives and organize your work and private abbreviations using the team feature. Including, We have a workgroup which comes in convenient for all my work-related inquiries and a personal group for the everyday typing and catchphrases. You may read aText tricks and tips to enhance your performance. Professionals: Robust text expander with inbuilt dictionary correct, group and subgroup snippet option. PhraseExpress is yet another powerful and high level application for Windows that is available in both no-cost and paid versions.

Along with the regular text expansion features, additionally has various other functions like Dynamic phrases, time and date stamps, end-to-end term file encryption, revealing snippets with teams and people, various house windows automation tools, clipboard manager, system-wide auto-correction dependent on your writing design, etc.

As you possibly can inform, PhraseExpress is much more than an easy text expander. If you are looking for a free of charge and devoted text broadening application, the PhraseExpress is actually for you. Benefits: PhraseExpress is no-cost for personal use, and it is cross-platform. You can also download the transportable variation if you need to. Pricing: there clearly was a free version. Features you will get within the paid variation: utilizing the paid variation you’ll get use of some advanced functions like sharing, desktop menus, MS Word formatted expressions, Clip Collections, SQL Server assistance, etc.

You can view the entire feature number here. Bing Chrome is one of the most used browsers and has a ton of extensions for nearly what you would ever guess. In reality, Google Chrome also has actually devoted apps that behave exactly like your regular system but will stay in the internet browser environment. As you are able to inform from the title itself, it will just that.

An important feature about this expansion is it has no complex configurations, and aids both wealthy and regular text growth.

Additionally, it also supports custom cursor placement, text expansion inside Chrome Omnibox address bar , time and date macros, clipboard paste macro, auto-capitalization while growing text, etc. Considering that the extension utilizes JSON structure, it is simple to import and export text expansion shortcuts. Addititionally there is an alternative to backup all of your text development shortcuts. As good as it really is, in comparison to other pc software with this number, Auto Text Expander is very standard and does nothing but text expansion.

Very simple to make use of, platform-independent, and lightweight. Disadvantages: Text expansion just works within the Chrome web browser. The text development choices are incredibly basic. There no support for custom macros aside from time and date. TextExpander is one of the most well-known, mature, and sturdy programs that Mac users have already been taking pleasure in for quite some time.

It offers all of the bells and whistles you will previously require. Utilizing TextExpander, it’s possible to expand words, phrases, signal snippets, formatted text, pictures, etc. A number of the attributes of TextExpander consist of yet not restricted to with the text expansion in just about any application, revealing snippets along with your team, accessing snippets on all of your devices, creating boilerplate snippets, positioning the mouse cursor wherever you want in the expanded text, placing the clipboard content in to the snippet, looking for snippets with an individual keyboard shortcut, grouping of snippets, help for scripting, etc.

As you’re able to inform, TextExpander is a full-featured application with the correct features that will help beginners and positives alike. Not forgetting, the user user interface is pretty minimal and simple to make use of. That said, there clearly was a free of charge time trial too.

Pros: The text development functions in most programs. Your entire snippets are kept when you look at the cloud. This permits one to use them on any unit. It is easy to utilize set alongside the various other applications for this record. Cons: As of composing this, the Windows application remains in beta. So, you might face some insects and inconsistencies. Is it free: No, TextExpander needs you to have a monthly or annual registration. However, you need to do get every single day trial offer to try the application.

You will get more information right here. PhraseExpander is additionally a well known text expander application for Windows. Similar to TextExpander, the application form has actually all its functions with some more. But, unlike TextExpander, this software is principally targeted at enterprises and specialists like doctors and demanding works like data-entry tasks and customer service. A number of the extra functions you find in this application are suggestions and abbreviations while composing, auto-correction, enchantment checking, custom snippet triggers, help for remote sessions, macro language, multi-level grouping, assistance for themes and automation, manipulation of text and producing variables, etc.

Since the PhraseExpander is very customizable and effective, even though you are not a professional, feel free to use it for all your regular text development needs. Deciding on all of the extra features you receive, the prices is a little greater when compared to the TextExpander.

Pros: The application is effective. With all the extra features you possibly can make your projects super easy. Disadvantages: PhraseExpander works only on Windows methods, it’s not cross-platform.

There clearly was a learning curve to getting accustomed the user screen. You can view the difference between those permits right here. Breevy may look quick at a glance however it is just about the most capable text expanders for Windows.

In fact, it offers several different options to easily manage all your valuable snippets and make your typing work painless. Unlike PhraseExpress or PhraseExpander, it is only a text expander and does a pretty good job at that with its easy to use user interface. Furthermore, you’re able to import or sync snippets from TextExpander. Professionals: easy to use and customizable.

The application form can also be obtainable in the portable variation. Will it be free: No. You will need to choose the permit with a one-time fee on per individual foundation. FastFox is a very simple and lightweight application that lets you expand not only regular ordinary text but also wealthy text. Why is FastFox unique is instead of delivering keystrokes just like the other software for this record, FastFox works straight with the text for smooth text growth.

Aside from the standard text development, you can even make use of FastFox to generate picture shortcuts and macro shortcuts. The best thing about FastFox is the fact that macro shortcut creation is very simple and you can develop a tremendously complex macro with just several option clicks. That said, as good as it’s, FastFox does not allow custom keyboard shortcuts for any macros. Rather, you must utilize the pre-configured keyboard shortcuts obtainable in the macro creation window.

Other than that, there’s also an AutoComplete function that learns from your typing behavior and reveals recommendations correctly. Moreover, the applying has also an interesting feature labeled as Shared Shortcuts where you are able to share or use the shared shortcut file. This particular aspect is very ideal for collaborative surroundings just like the company. By way of example, you are able to produce a shortcut file with all the current regularly and commonly used text expansions, shortcuts, macros, etc.

Positives: FastFox is lightweight and simple to use. Help basic and wealthy text growth. The software additionally aids image shortcuts. The macro creation is very simple. Cons: The keyboard shortcuts may not be customized while producing macros. For advanced level text expansion users, the features could be limited as there isn’t any help for things like in which the cursor should really be after text expansion, custom delimiters, etc.

Of all the text expander applications shared right here, ActiveWords just isn’t that which you call user-friendly. That said, ActiveWords is quite effective at exactly what it can. When you initially put in and open up the application form, it will probably set most of the control options and shortcuts appropriate prior to you and you will create your very own text expansions as required.

Although the user interface seems a bit clunky, there was thankfully a user friendly wizard which guides you through when creating a shortcut, macro, or text expansion. Aside from regular text expansions, ActiveWords allows you to create custom scripts with complicated instructions and nested activities, launch programs, send emails, open a document or folder, etc. Making it even sweeter, ActiveWords has actually add-on help to increase the functionality. You can also assign a keyboard shortcut compared to that specific establishing for simplicity of use.

One quirk you ought to know of when utilizing ActiveWords is that it provides you a choice to enhance text immediately while configuring a text development. Though not an issue, it’s a bit awkward but you’ll get accustomed to it rapidly. Positives: ActiveWord is extremely effective and allows you to produce custom scripts.

It may launch programs, web sites, and also deliver emails when required. Cons: The graphical user interface isn’t that user-friendly plus it takes some understanding curve to have used to ActiveWords. When downloading the application, you will need to submit your email, need not validate your email address, however. To try the software before buying, there is certainly a free of charge time test. The downside of AutoHotKeys is that you need certainly to script your own text growth shortcuts or make use of the people you’ll find on line.

The good thing is, you can easily trigger the written text development immediately or set a custom delimiter. You can also configure FastKeys to enhance text only in a few programs or house windows with certain titles.