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Crucial protection warning concerning the EC-1, the S and Sb Hallicrafters Radios an essay by John Fuhring This caution includes any “hot framework” radio of similar design including most of the famous “All American Five” radios.

This warning doesn’t affect some belated design AA5 radios that have been fashioned with an “isolated reunite coach” -B coach therefore be certain your radio really has a “hot chassis” before trying to change it. You’re able to tell if your radio has actually a “hot chassis” or not by operating some easy tests detailed into the text below. Only taking a look at the chassis won’t tell you everything unless you really know what you should seek.

For those who have an excellent schematic of your radio and you also know something about schematics , you can tell by carefully looking at the schematic. In radio electronics there are two main common symbols for “ground” or “return”. One common sign is the triangle with outlines shown below:.

One other common floor symbol appears like a crow’s-foot as shown below:. One other test is truly more good and also you don’t need a schematic because of it or experience in reading schematics, but:. The following test assumes you’ve got a ohmmeter and know how to utilize it.

Making later AA5 radios “tingle proof” keep in mind that both ground symbols tend to be shown. I urge one to make your radio secure before taking care of it or, if it’s already working, end using it until once you’ve caused it to be safe. Anything you will require is a soldering metal and a replacement cord with a polarized plug. This is an extremely dangerous situation and you also must rewire your ready as shown below before you attempt to focus on the radio, start the trunk to alter a tube and even play the radio.

If you’re not sure of your house wiring, test drive it if you should be qualified or get an electrician to check on it out. If these drawings merely seem like chicken scratching for your requirements, it is pretty apparent that you don’t know sufficient about schematics or radios to try these changes on your own and also you want to call a specialist. It’s not truly necessary, nevertheless it will be even less dangerous if a three line plug had been used in combination with the bottom line connected to the outside instance. Used to do this for my EC-1b, but just for “feel good” reasons.

If you use a three prong connect, there will be less sockets you can plug into and you may need to use an adapter which, if not plugged in right, will help make your radio dangerous.

If you do not learn how to try this and also you don’t know about AC wiring, please take your radio to an individual who knows these specific things and who can rewire radio stations for your needs. Do not function radio stations before you have made these improvements and do not operate your radio unless you have had all adjustments checked and rechecked to make sure the wiring ended up being done right and the radio is definitely safe. I’m confident that all houses built after the middle s have actually polarized wall sockets.

If a polarized plug won’t go into a plug no matter which means you test it, you’ve an old-fashioned plug and you will need to have a professional electrician replace it with a contemporary polarized plug. Think of how lethal dangerous that could be.

It is very important, so allow me to repeat: Please be informed, in the event the wiring is performed wrongly or your AC socket is miswired or if you might be making use of an unpolarized expansion cable, the radio will remain dangerous, therefore: 1 Use only a modern polarized connect.

Something else. You might like to print out this diagram and paste it towards the base or even to the back of your radio. It is a reminder to you personally or anyone which might bought it or work on the air as time goes on so it continues to be made safe. RECORDS additional suggestions and warnings. Using transformers with an unmodified radio. Connecting an unmodified radio to an Isolation Transformer this may make even an unmodified radio safe — if there aren’t any floor contacts.

If safety measures are made to insure that absolutely nothing on the secondary side of the isolation transformer is grounded, this can be a safe way to go, but be certain of all your contacts.

If a person region of the secondary becomes grounded, your unmodified radio remains life-threatening dangerous. When working with a transformer for “security,” not merely must you insure that the additional remains separated, you must be definitely sure what kind of transformer you will be making use of. Utilizing an auto transformer will give the best voltage, nevertheless it offers absolutely no separation and an unmodified radio continues to be dangerous. An Auto Transformer does not have any secondary and does not isolate the radio.

Once again, making use of a transformer should not lull you into a false sense of security. The wrong form of transformer or a grounded secondary will result in an unmodified radio that is a shock risk.

There in fact is no reason not to make the simple and easy cheap modification that may make your radio in the same way safe as utilizing an isolation transformer. Rewiring your energy connections is likely to make your radio basically foolproof and that’s good because, in the end, you may possibly have no control over just who utilizes your radio once it passes on to a new owner and so they may well not understand using an isolation transformer. The folly of employing a full-wave rectifier.

The limits of my obligation and a sincere wish:. When you found these pages from search engines, perchance you wish to look over my many broadcast articles, tasks and essays. Or perhaps you may choose to check out my web site beginning at the Geojohn webpage Before you leave, Please take a minute and sign my guestbook and let me know if this article was beneficial to you or otherwise not or email myself right with any suggestions. These radios have what’s called a “hot chassis,” and therefore makes them very dangerous to get results on or to connect in.

Don’t make an effort to test or restore them until you or a talented professional have actually rewired them when I will describe below. I can’t emphasize also highly how important it’s which you follow my advice because throughout the years, lots of people have already been killed by “hot framework” radios and many more have obtained painful bumps.

Exactly why are these radios therefore dangerous? On or off, the framework is hot at some time and you’ll get a negative surprise if you simply touch the insides regarding the radio. To make matters really lethal, when the grommets that insulate the framework through the outside instance have been in bad shape, you will get electrocuted only coming in contact with radio stations. Exactly how did Hallicrafters and other manufacturers of “hot chassis” radios get UL approval to manufacture and offer such dangerous radios?

The warning labels claimed that the set would be to be labored on only by an experienced broadcast specialist which knew just what a “hot framework” had been.

We cannot trust the outdated security products anymore because the insulating grommets have deteriorated as we grow older and the Masonite backs of many among these old radios are now actually missing. Whether or not these people were nevertheless indeed there, the warnings that have been imprinted regarding the backs among these radios are similarly useless because The Trained Radio Technician occupation happens to be extinct for a long time with only some of us outdated dinosaurs left.

Today we must be our own ” Trained Radio Technician ” and also the the fact is, the majority of us are not “trained” and a lot of of us don’t even know what a “hot chassis” is. The entire notion of this article will be provide you with the training you ought to create your radio secure before you you will need to fix it or make use of it. Perhaps the most common expression is the triangle with outlines shown below: The other typical ground image appears like a crow’s base as shown below: If you have a hot framework radio, the triangle surface symbol is usually the only one shown, but if you observe both the triangle additionally the crow’s-foot, you’ve got a later radio with an isolated ground bus.

One other test is actually more positive and you have no need for a schematic because of it or skill in reading schematics, but: The following test assumes you’ve a ohmmeter and understand how to put it to use the easiest method to determine if your radio has actually a hot framework is take an ohmmeter and put its scale to read 20K ohms or greater.

Measure the opposition from a knife regarding the cord into the framework. After you have a reading, read from the other knife to your framework. If BOTH readings are greater than 20K Ohms off scale , then your radio has actually certainly one of these isolated buses, its intrinsically safe and you won’t need to install a polarized plug or rewire it. BUT If you can get a low reading on either blade to chassis, your radio is dangerous and you should stick to the guidelines here.

In the event the reading is high many ohms , your radio is dangerous and you should stick to the instructions under. On the other hand, in the event that weight from the broad blade into the framework is a few ohms or less utilizing the radio’s turn on and likewise various ohms or less with pull the plug on, a person has wired it for safety.

As a check, test the opposition amongst the narrow connect blade and the chassis because of the radio turned off. In the event the resistance is low a few ohms with all the radio switched off, you’ve a hot chassis. If the radio passes all tests and it has a late model isolated return coach, you are able to still get a slight “tingle” from it. When you have a Hallicrafters Sc or later , a S or a late design AA5 radio you have actually tested and verified that it has an isolated chassis, it is not required to rewire it for security.

BUT Please be conscious you still could easily get a painful “tingle” from holding the framework of those radios. We’ll offer a hyperlink to this article when I’ve published it In the meantime, under is a schematic of a late design AA5 radio that has had its AC area customized to “tingle proof” it.

Below are shown schematics detailing the required steps in order to make these radios safe. Simply changing the ability cord with a polarized connect without rewiring the switch is even worse than performing absolutely nothing. These jobs can be carried out just by professionals just who comprehend AC wiring and who is able to review schematic diagrams. If you’re untrained and in addition have no experience working with high voltage electrical circuits, do not also try the next or perhaps you may be killed.

Wiring up these radios incorrectly can be bad or even worse than having them inside their original setup, therefore be certain of what you are doing and also somebody else examine your work, if at all possible. I would suggest you slice the old cord off because near the framework as you’re able to and then leave brief stubs for the old AC cable attached with their original cancellation things for the moment. Unsolder that wire at the framework so that it is not any longer attached to the chassis. You are going to move that line as explained in step below, but keep in mind where this lug is because you are going to solder to it in action 5.

This is the termination point with the ohm resistor onto it, a cable from the lamp and is also jumpered over to pin 2 of the 35Z5. The ground region of the potentiometer must now be grounded to the chassis using its very own jumper cable. Pick a nearby framework floor lug probably the exact same one one you merely soldered to to floor the amount get a grip on potentiometer lug. With a polarized connect therefore the AC Neutral side linked right to the chassis , you may be guaranteed in full a “cool” chassis this is certainly safe to touch despite having the set plugged in.

Be sure to check and create certain that AC Neutral is attached to the chassis as shown in the lower drawing and never AC Line voltage in error. If you make this error and AC Line voltage is linked to your radio’s framework, your chassis will be always “hot” and your radio are going to be even deadlier than previously. These are standard large size grommets that exist at most hardware stores.

Make certain there’s absolutely no direct DC connection amongst the chassis while the material external case of your radio. As your final protection check, you need to connect an Ohmmeter between the chassis and also the case. With the Ohmmeter set-to its greatest range, you have to measure K Ohms or more. That’s all there was to it. When you did everything right and you don’t miss any actions, you now have a really safe radio and you will go right ahead and connect it in with confidence.

The huge knife on the connect may be the Neutral and the small blade is Line. If you connect a AC volt meter between your huge opening and floor, you ought to measure almost no current, however if you connect involving the small orifice and ground, you ought to see Volts AC. Make sure your meter is set to determine AC volts. For just a couple of dollars, you can get a nifty little unit that plugs into your wall sockets.

This thing has actually lights upon it that may inform you in case your sockets are not wired precisely. For those who have installed the sockets within your house your self or if perhaps that you do not know if for example the sockets had been installed by an expert electrician, We encourage one to test all of them with a AC voltmeter or one of them awesome small testers.

One excellent means of checking your radio after modification is to link an AC volt meter between a ground together with chassis. The voltage should really be zero or simply just a few volts regardless if the set is switched on or off. Turn off the air and look the chassis to floor.