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JonDoFox is a profile when it comes to Mozilla Firefox particularly optimized for private and safe internet surfing. To start with download both setup files and a short while later you have got to begin the setup by doubleclick on the installed data and stick to the installation wizards. Feb 22,  · JonDo, a free anonymizer that uses several proxy computers and layered encryption, is the best of their kind yet. It really works best with JonDoFox, a Firefox add-in. JonDo’s polite installer asks for Subcategory: Privacy computer software. JonDoFox is a profile for any Mozilla Firefox internet browser especially optimized for private and secure internet searching. For anonymous searching you’ll need an IP changer proxy too. We advised our proxy tool JonDo but you may use other anonymsation solutions like Tor Onion ing System: Mac, Windows, Linux.


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JonDoFox. JonDoFox is designed to let all user look the same against 3rd functions (websites, various other observers through the internet) and also to technically prevent tracking. JonDoFox is a profile when it comes to Mozilla Firefox web browser especially optimized for unknown and secure web browsing. For anonymous searching you want an IP changer proxy also. We advised our proxy tool JonDo but you might use other anonymsation services like Tor Onion ing program: Mac, Windows, Linux. Sep 15,  · Get notifications on updates for this project. Have the SourceForge publication. Get newsletters and notices that include web site development, promotions and .
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JonDoFox is a web web browser that already includes the JonDo client and all necessarry anonymization functions. Its especially optimized for unknown and protected internet browsing and is also based on the Tor Browser.

Using the safety controller into the JonDoBrowser selection left top in the internet browser you’re able to manage just how powerful the protection must certanly be. Hint: The more powerful the defense, the greater usability limitations might use on the websites. Making use of the about:config environment extensions.

If you’d like to import certificates during the internet browser, you will need to make the next about:config setting: protection. However, we do not recommend to import certificates, since this may endanger browser security and could induce your self being identified in many cases.

JonDoBrowser is quite brand new and will also be under strong development within the next months. Therefore there are small dilemmas, but we are working on them! This does not have any effects on security. The configuration file is stored on the computer, and an existing Java installation will become necessary. Howto verify a signature. Special settings utilizing the about:config setting extensions. Understood restrictions JonDoBrowser is very new and will be under powerful development within the next months.

It is currently maybe not yet possible to register JonDoBrowser due to the fact system standard web browser. Linux: You have to manually put in Java. Usually, JonDo will not begin.