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Oct 02,  · The Collectible Item in Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Rebels level PE is in the far right hand region of the degree to the right associated with the last tower. It’s hard to find out in the movie, but relatively simple to obtain by blowing up lots of debris. Return to the entire Star Wars II Bonus Boxes : Bird commander. Nov 08,  · Angry Birds Celebrity Wars Death Star Amount Walkthrough. Our technique for Angry Birds celebrity Wars Death Star amount is always to deliver Han south all over first planet. As he begins going north all over 2nd, shoot the northwestern tower aided by the laser blaster. Han will continue around to break the Oink ted Reading Time: 7 mins. Oct 02,  · Angry Birds Celebrity Wars 2 Rebels Degree BE Walkthrough. Thanks for watching our 3 star walkthrough strategy video for Angry Birds Star Wars II Rebels level BE It’s possible to read more in regards to the Rebels upgrade and TV tv show right here. The score during the movie is ,


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Oct 02,  · The Collectible Item in Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Rebels level PE is regarding the far right hand side of the amount off to the right regarding the final tower. It’s hard to find out within the movie, but relatively easy getting by blowing up a lot of debris. Go back to the Complete Star Wars II Bonus Boxes : Bird Leader. May 05,  · Rovio’s birds dress as Star Wars figures. New powers in Angry Birds Star Wars II. The gameplay for Angry Birds Star Wars matches in previous instalments: demolish structures and destroy the pigs by catapulting birds via the environment. Utilize the Force to conquer the Federation or decide to become an element of the dark part. Perhaps one of the most innovating aspects in Angry Birds Star Wars II 8/10(). Sep 19,  · By AMslimfordy on Sep 18, – 4 commentary. There is certainly a Treasure Map hidden in Angry Birds Star Wars II Escape to Tatooine level B, from the far right region of the degree. The easiest way to get it’s by clearing the utmost effective percentage of the level with one Anakin before blasting the wall next to the Map. Once the Map is collected, the Side pursuit is likely to be unlocked, earning you accessibility two more .
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While he begins going north around the second, shoot the northwestern tower with all the laser blaster. Han will continue around to break the Oink Fighter.

Sent the first bird during the foot of the nearest tower and shot the lasers during the black colored pig. Took out everything one shot. I did precisely what the movie shows, except We waited until the Tie fighter ended up being finding its way back towards the top of the display screen about to reverse guidelines and I got a ! I then followed the state ABN movie precisely and got 67K. Top score for moment. The video worked like a dream. Secrets to 3-starring: Timing and ricochet.

Move your target to the right associated with the metal block when you look at the high tower after launch. The ricochet must take out of the pigtroopers in the 2nd earth while Han crashes to the oink fighter. Falling debris takes good care of the pigtroopers regarding the first planet. Indeed it performed. Compared to that end, I came up with a rough guide for releasing Han. At level start-up, wait 10 seconds, for the fighter to attain apogee in its orbital path, then launch to the flight course shown in the video clip, firing the blaster as additionally shown into the movie.

I happened to be at great We tryed a lot of means but this 1 made better destruction of right reduced tower. We have no problems with Oink. I have to play with smaller dimensions screen to see Oink back so taping at gray brick is more difficult but this way open up some brand new posibilities. I am back…. As in the ABN video, I sent the initial bird south all over first earth, but alternatively I shot at the pig within the west tower of this 2nd planet, waiting until only going last so the blast reflected off the material dish over to the high north tower in the first earth.

When all goes right, that tower topples onto its quick neighboring tower, while Han travels on to take out the Oink Fighter additionally the tall southern tower on the 2nd world.

This worked beautifully, furfeather! That tower offers a much wider target compared to edge of the material bar that the video clip utilizes. I might include, introduce once the rover pig reaches the lowest it could get, just when he begins in the future back-up. That may get him every time. I came across this technique to need a little bit of luck to knock-down the small tower regarding the second planet. Alternate: Aim Han at the tall tower regarding the first world and aim his blaster in the fighter.

Han will take out the towers on the very first world, together with 3rd blaster chance goes through the tower and remove the fighter, the dirt from where usually takes out the two towers on the other world — it can take only a couple attempts to obtain the feel for striking the fighter right.

You desire the lasers to bounce off the lower for the material system. With fortune, the lasers will cause damage on that tower, rendering it collapse, while a minumum of one will bounce down onto the reduced tower from the 2nd world, then up to destroy the Tie fighter. With extra luck, the two main jets of this wrap fighter will come down and destroy the two towers on the 2nd earth, even though the first tower will collapse and remove one other pig in the very first planet.

Wayyyyy on very first try together with your directions….. many thanks. Great score colinfaulkner! Alt strat that got me above average for now is a little challenging with timing, but this is one way i acquired 65k: Send Han toward ab muscles top for the very first tallest tower. The opposite path through the movie He needs to ride simply along the exterior edge of the environment. The key is to capture Han along with your left hand which means that your right can trigger his laser in addition that be he actually leaves the sling.

Han will shoot via the glass in the bottom associated with very first tallest tower — killing the pig you targeted. As the tower implodes Han will continue across the external side of the atmosphere to the southern tower and take out the black colored fighter pig together with the two pigs from the south tower.

Initially try, I did so the same as WereWolf69 without video and, magic, i got 64K after a go. But i only understood from then on the tiny metal piece concealed in the center of the tallest tower had been responsible regarding the valuable ricochet and also for myself the only way to eliminate the pig regarding the remaining side of the second earth.

I quickly have attempted to enhance my score by aiming much more specifically laser shots from Han and time, so that you can create THE ricochet and also to hit Oink Fighter at precisely the same time. Therefore 2 options :. The key the following is truly is quick through the begining, because if you don’t, the Oink Fighter is simply too far on the right when Han arrives, it will miss out on it and will only hit the lumber and ice tower. I combined happy66 and rob48 strat i waited till floater returned to your remaining then counted,2 seconds shot Hans aimed lazer at center concrete in very first tower ,, one lazer deflected and hit correct tower, Hans struck floater and all folded..

I did so it like the video clip but an early bit reduced, however trying to figure out how I pulled it well!! Been at it for far to loooong!! Now here we go fully into the depths associated with the Death Star…. I targeted at the face area associated with the pig nestled behind the timber in the 1st tower.

Waiting to fire until just before collision utilizing the tower, we aimed appropriate round the southeast part of this top material field during the west tower of the correct planet. Zoomed in, we waited to fire until the gravity type of the left world was halfway down the underside glass stretch, and so the that long block material block of this south tower would destroy the link fighter and deliver their wing into that same tower.

This large score emerged even with less damage than usual into the base tower. There is unusually heavy damage regarding the left planet, and from my shots towards the blocks from the western associated with correct planet. My focus ended up being finding a shooting point to the middle construction that would collapse it. The base gravity line of the remaining world must certanly be extremely near to being soaked up into the planet, but early sufficient that the right metal club associated with last tower falls over upon impact and destroys the tie fighter.

Thanks a lot stilly for any great strat. Additionally thanks comex when it comes to added details. Got a ricochet back onto the top tower from the remaining for a little more destruction.

Takes some luck to obtain the eastern pig regarding the left world. If my mathematics is correct, this should be puppy quantity for your needs. That gets you the Underdog Diamond Award. Also, i will be wondering the reason why each of your screenshots tend to be upside down. Plus you forgot to mention sweetp together with your Tally display screen picture. Thus I have to take an image for the display with my more recent ipad for the screenshot. As to getting a picture regarding the screen of the first gen ipad rightside up, have you tried locking the screen so the picture remains fixed?

I’ve no knowledge with ipads of any sort. All my pills have already been android-based. In the event that you could secure the picture, you could then rotate one ipad or perhaps the other then the image would hopefully upload the proper way.

This is my most readily useful guess. Karen68 Congrats on holding the trophy! We are the go to location for walkthroughs, report, and many other things. If you are contemplating supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please e mail us or browse our marketing prices.

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