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The bottom line on Magic Bullet’s Instant HD is that it’s a welcome product for the countless who possess significant SD stock libraries which they need to utilize along side their budding HD video footage collection. While we fault quick fix’s site for not offering tutorials for any brand new individual, once you become accustomed to the workflow, it definitely does the task retaining and also improving image . Magic Bullet Instant HD. Grab. on 4 ballots. Instant HD up-converts DV video into a variety of HD movie platforms. Quick fix Instant HD Instant HD up-converts DV video clip into a number of HD video formats (3 votes) (See all)5/5(3).


Magic bullet immediate hd.Download magic pill Instant HD

Magic Bullet Instant HD. Download. on 4 ballots. Instant HD up-converts DV video into many different HD movie platforms. Dec 01,  · quick fix Instant HD can be acquired as a totally free install on our pc software library. This program is a product of Red large computer software. This system lies within System Utilities, more precisely Plugins Addons. This PC software originated to operate on Windows 7 or Windows 8 and is compatible with bit systems/5(4). Magic Bullet Instant HD Instant HD up-converts DV video clip into a number of HD video clip platforms (3 votes) (See all)5/5(3).

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Review: Red Monster Software’s Magic Bullet Instant HD

Think of the many footage that lies within the libraries of so many shooters that have been shot during the Standard DV format and that have today managed to move on to one of recent and greatest HD or HDV camcorders.

Had been they stuck needing to re- capture in HDV and hope for the exact same great shots they’ve lovingly maintained? During my instance, being mainly a nature shooter underwater or in Africa someplace, i truly doubted which I could bribe a Great White in S. Africa into virtually swallowing me as it rushed up when I leaned throughout the engine mount. Those wide-open jaws emerged within a foot of my face additionally the camcorder I was keeping and I also never ever moved a muscle so as to get the chance.

It was near though and I don’t want to try that one once more. Red Giant’s Instant HD to your rescue and in addition to this The cost of Instant HD is gratefully reduced.

For all it is effective at doing I am amazed. Instant HD may also be used to scale still photos to HD, conform standard meaning movement visuals for high definition broadcast, and, with their Magic Bullet Suite, produce professional “film look” HD masters.

It really is targeted at the user for Final Cut professional variation 4. And exactly how performs this work? Instant HD is primarily a scaling tool. Scaling is the process of changing the pixel resolution of just one picture to some other.

You can personalize your options or you could make use of a few preset resolutions to make it a simple task to incorporate your DV video into your next hi-def production. You can find five standard tools that let you accomplish this; Output dimensions, in which you put how big is your original clips, the filter kind, which denotes the standard of the ultimate image, draft or best or something like that in-between, Sharpness, Quality Settings and Antialiasing. However, it is not just a straightforward plug-in that you drop onto a clip and wait to make.

There clearly was a tremendously real workflow right here and discovering it is a necessity. Happily, Red large features a great technology assistance staff and it was John Kerr of Red large who aided straighten myself out when I happened to be unsure or had concerns. Even though I happened to be initially perplexed as to the workflow, once I understood it, it became a straightforward procedure. To be able to up-convert your Standard Definition footage to really make it compatible with your HD or HDV films, the SD video footage should be transformed from interlaced to progressive.

This must be done before ever applying immediate HD. This is not a hard process while the deinterlace filter discovered within Final Cut professional will surely get the job done.

After the supply footage is imported into Final Cut Pro you have to produce two sequences whose configurations are identical. Therefore, I needed to enable a , x clip to fit right in because of the brand-new sequence configurations of xi. The workflow was not difficult to follow. Very first I developed a new series and set the sequence configurations of x, I changed the pixels to ‘square’ and Field Dominance to ‘none’ and held the same time frame base of you have got full accessibility to set the settings to match any task or camcorder that you might be using.

Once I’ve created my series I control click and duplicate the sequence recalling to properly label them in order not to ever have the two sequences confused as I was working.

At this point I drag my original source clip right down to sequence one and then drag the sequence one symbol in the browser down into sequence two. Listed here is where in fact the secret starts. Now that your first series is nested into the second you bring over the Instant HD filter installed within your last Cut Pro plug-ins folder, and found when you look at the browser with the rest of your impacts, and drop it on the video.

Control clicking the series you then start that in to the viewer plus in your filters loss you will find the moment HD filter variables.

Checking the fit to fill field and altering the Filter kind to ‘Best’ is the approach to take. Never confuse the input size designation and think you need to alter that towards the xi production that you anticipate. The original size WAS x and may be remaining by doing this. Should you want to modify the production size with certain height and circumference configurations just unclick the Fit to Fill box and set things the way that is going to be many effective for you.

When this can be accomplished all you need to do is make. Here is the one unfavorable for the reason that it can take a moment to render. In my 2 Ghz DP G5 with 2 gigs of ram, equivalent second clip, one with a widescreen filter put on it therefore the other with absolutely nothing apart from the minute HD, took 24 minutes to make.

Consequently, this could be a great time to own a cup of java and relax while waiting. When rendering ended up being done the outcome had been exceptional showing sharpness of information and great color saturation. This worked perfectly without a hint of uncertainty. For all the editors available to you who possess made one hour flicks in standard definition now wish to upconvert it to HD or HDV, it is not the tool you desire. Rather this really is a great modifying tool to include standard definition films into the HD or HDV schedule series.

Physically, I’ve hundreds of hours of nature footage which I would hate to stay through days of rendering just in order to manage to use them with my HDV films. But, I am happy which I can right now easily convert several clips, that I may choose to use, which were initially shot in SD, in a brand-new HDV sequence.

The bottom line on Magic Bullet’s Instant HD is the fact that it’s a welcome item for the numerous who have significant SD stock libraries which they wish to utilize along side their budding HD video footage collection. While we fault magic pill’s web site for maybe not supplying tutorials for any new individual, when you get used to the workflow, it absolutely does the work retaining and even improving picture information and shade saturation.

Steve Douglas is an underwater videographer and factor to numerous movie celebrations around the world. Feel free to get in touch with him if you are thinking about joining Steve on any of these trips. More Reviews. Sequence configurations for upconverting SD to HDV as soon as I have produced my sequence we control click and duplicate the sequence remembering to properly label all of them so as not to obtain the two sequences puzzled as I was working.

Image because it can look in sequence one before you apply magic pill’s Instant HD At this point We drag my initial origin clip right down to sequence one and then drag the series one symbol into the browser down into sequence two. Hey, let’s mind over to Starbucks. Your final item willing to be utilized with all of your latest HDV footage. Color and detail are typical top-notch.