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The bundle provides the installation files for Synaptics WBDI Driver variation If the driver is installed on your system, updating (overwrite-installing) may fix various dilemmas. May 01,  · Re: Synaptics WBDI (SGX disabled) – Fingerprint damaged on P71 after driver update. , have always been. In the Windows Device Manager instead ” Update Driver” press ” Roll Back Driver “. After that run change thru Lenovo Vantage once more – it’s going to put in brand-new driver one more time. In outcome fingerprint reader should work. Nov 07,  · Hint: On Device Manager, under “Synaptics WBDI – SGX” Power Management tab, uncheck “Allow the computer to make down this product to save energy”. Does not help. Driver versions for Lenovo Yoga IKB Fingerprint audience must be xx where number 26 correspond to fingerprint product series. First Lenovo variation is


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The bundle offers the installation files for Synaptics WBDI SGX Driver version in the event the driver has already been installed on the system, updating (overwrite-installing) may fix various. Might 01,  · Re: Synaptics WBDI (SGX disabled) – Fingerprint broken on P71 after driver upgrade. , was. Into the Windows Device Manager instead ” upgrade Driver” press ” Roll Back Driver “. After that run revision thru Lenovo Vantage again – it’s going to install brand new driver one more time. In outcome fingerprint audience should work. Nov 07,  · Hint: On Device Manager, under “Synaptics WBDI – SGX” Power Management loss, uncheck “Allow the pc to make off this product to save lots of energy”. Does not help. Driver versions for Lenovo yoga exercises IKB Fingerprint audience should be xx where quantity 26 correspond to fingerprint device series. Original Lenovo variation is

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It first ended working after a Windows 10 upgrade, then had been patchy after lots of troubleshooting attempts, occasionally it could work for one hour, sometimes days, ultimately it simply stopped altogether.

If you’d like to throw me into a depression spiral just say “Device can perhaps not start. Code 10 “. Really, it took literally many years to resolve. We gave up significantly more than last year. As of the past 30 minutes: It. I’m posting right here, because others available to you may be afflicted with equivalent tormented thoughts and nightmares which I’ve had. This godforsaken fingerprint audience, apparently identical equipment to this working perfectly in lots laptop computers, ended up being my white whale.

This post is because I’ll probably forget after reinstalling Windows and it will drive me further outrageous in the event it is your white whale also. To my knowledge, the situation primarily affects Lenovo users, as Lenovo will not provide updated Synaptics motorists. Well, my curiosity was awoken, and outdated mate Google found the party, delivering me here to a Lenovo Forum post:.

Can you just look at that individuals could not find a fingerprint scanner suitable for Windows hey Fingerprint. Ended up being this conversation helpful? Indeed No. Sorry this did not help. Thank you for your feedback. Was this response helpful? The installer really detected the fingerprint audience and permitted me to setup Windows Hello during setup! Do we have to go into bios and enable sgx? Nathan Buck! My goal is to recommend you for sainthood!!

Resigned to making use of my pin until today. Used your instructions and voila! You can’t also imaging the things I went through in endeavoring to fix this. Reinstalling Windows 10; dropping all of my MS applications because permit keys were no more recognized ; re-purchasing MS apps; lost data; etc, etc. All over seeking to re-enable the ability to utilize the fingerprint audience. One other big frustration just before this solution was trying to uninstall the fingerprint audience software Synaptics WBDI.

I would uninstall it plus it would automatically re-install. Could not eliminate it or force it to end, even after Registry edits. Sooooo difficult. Do not worry, I’m extremely acquainted with whatever you’ve gone through to get here. Happy to hear it struggled to obtain you! Present Windows update b0rked mine again a couple of times ago and so I’m likely to need to do this once more, happy I reported it!

Is apparently working today. I too are affected by this issue for far too long. Absolutely nothing I do will fix this longterm. The difficulty returns once again within hours-days. Often it feels like I’m able to scrub my little finger with power on the reader and then reset it to obtain it working. Other times, regardless of what i really do I can’t obtain it working once again.

This design is not exactly like the yoga and would require us to eliminate the MB to be able to make the journey to the ribbon cable. I have maybe not done that yet as that is far more involved than simply popping off the bottom. We familiar with make use of the fingerprint audience as a security measure at system boot. This is pre OS loading. Also there the problem ended up being current.

It could cause me personally great issues cause without having the working fingerprint reader I really couldn’t even get the laptop on top of that. After recognizing this, I finally changed the safety from fingerprint audience to bootup password to ensure no matter whether the fingerprint audience is functioning or otherwise not I could however start my machine. This is the reason I don’t believe that is a windows driver issue. Unfortuitously, the bios based HW diag doesn’t test the fingerprint audience.

It’s there when you look at the record but greyed on with some regarding the various other HW devices like digital camera. We have searched the interwebs and I’m so astonished to see that this has been an ongoing issue for Lenovo laptop computers for several years. We never see any option provided by Lenovo support. I may only break-down and tear the MB out so I can reseat the fingerprint ribbon cable but this simply appears ridiculous in my experience this it’s the reason behind the problem.

This issue is not a problem until the final month or two a gift regarding the update, possibly? Undoubtedly, these devices fails once again.

So far, this appears to be the fix. I found a newer Fingerprint reader motorist Synaptics Incorporated – Biometric – 5. It works but simply for a brief period of time: Fingerprint reader struggled to obtain about 5 times plus it ended working. I want to explain you my conclusions. I have never utilized the digital camera on my laptop computer.

A few days ahead of the meeting, I attempted to utilize the digital camera nevertheless it didn’t work. I’ve attempted to test that making use of Windows pc software and differing OEM computer software but camera wasn’t found because house windows could not identify it.

However on Windows Device supervisor, everything was good. On product standing i possibly could review “This unit is working correctly. We invested hours endeavoring to repair it. No chance. I quickly discovered that after the camera was not working, the Fingerprint audience had been working and I also believed the difficulty could possibly be related.

If you disable both Camera and Fingerprint reader on Device Manager and you also make it easy for them Fingerprint audience very first and Camera after but, in many cases, this order can vary greatly or perhaps you want to disable and enable twice , it does the job once more! From then on we changed the Camera drivers and every time you change Camera motorists, Fingerprint driver stops working. You’ve to disable Camera and Fingerprint audience on product supervisor and enable all of them back. Take note that some Fingerprint reader driver versions, such as for instance 5.

Yoga IKB original Fingerprint reader motorist 5. Nevertheless, if i personally use the absolute most recent Fingerprint audience driver version 5. Fingerprint reader motorist 5. You don’t need to start your computer or laptop and disconnect Fingerprint reader ribbon cable and reconnect it.

You just need to ” disable ” and ” enable ” Camera and Fingerprint reader. Doesn’t assist. First Lenovo variation is 5. really, it works fine. Within the last 40 hours, We have restarted my yoga exercises at the very least 10 times, put it in rest and hibernation mode more than 50 times and Fingerprint reader works flawless. Choose the spot where you would you like to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and help articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member.

Nathan Buck. We been performing some maintenance to my yoga exercises, and figured why not check for an update? The outdated bond is secured. We put the offending unit ID which, horrifyingly, I’d memorised in to the search area.

Therefore right here goes absolutely nothing: 1 Uninstalled product in Device Manager, eliminating the motorist. We’re able ton’t discover a fingerprint scanner appropriate for Windows hey Fingerprint 15 never put it.

I’m a pleased Yoga user once more. Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. How pleased have you been with this discussion? Thank you for your feedback, it will help us improve website. Previous Next. Hi, how do you put in the newest motorists? I downloaded through the catalog, removed to a folder and pointed it at the folder whenever updating driver. How pleased will you be with this reply? In respond to NickSpringett’s post on April 8,